My girlfriend and I had some time off of work in service in June and went to the Italian island of Elba for a short break. We have tried many of the beaches are so many and so different from such a small island, and one day, according to our guide, we decided on a beach at the foot of a cliff at the visit. The way it was "difficult" to say the least, but when we got on the ground, we are faced with a beautiful shine, secluded bay with the sea, the sun. We are very pleased with ourselves and our discovery of very satisfied. amateurgalore But amateurgalore as we look around we amateurgalore realized with horror that the beach was full of naked bodies ! I was ready to climb the cliff path again, but Ruth just said he was not willing to do so in the sun and although reluctant to go naked, because they both had something never done before, thought it might not be so bad . I reluctantly agreed. so we found a room that was a bit more isolated and disadvantaged. Despite our mutual fear, we are forced to undress ourselves.. cooperationUrse, despite the fact that he saw nothing wrong with the collection in public, we all live with contradictions and vanity and fear, the ugly, too fat, too small, too white that makes us both very nervous. But it was great, nobody was interested, and we were all basking in the sun with the broadest, basking like lizards worried, mostly German, Swiss and some Italian. We swam in the clear blue sea, we laugh and ridicule our neurosis. Occasionally, someone with a new toy, I tried to play ruth in the water, ranging Squidgy soft lips, her large breasts up and down with the gentle movement of the waves excited me a lot. We have a lot to look at other people, also nicknamed by his physical attributes. yes very childish amateurgalore ! about noon, just as they always used in our new freedom, everyone seemed to disappear, we alone ! I told Ruth, as we were in Ialy, we have guaranteed we eat 2-3 hours that most people would not be insisting on or in water for a few hours to digest the food! so I just stood there listening to the sea and heat. We made ??jokes about men and women he had seen, and asked if it would be sexy to be naked in front of people. she said she was and she always had an exhibitionist streaks in it. This was a shock, he realized that amateurgalore I was the only clear amateurgalore imagination, his desire to explore another woman and maybe even love ! I began to gently stroke my belly, and finally into the hands of her pussy. stood there with eyes closed, letting her legs slightly open. I stroked her pubic shaving with one hand while I dropped the other slid under her ass and my lips began to open its bottom, while the clitoris is touched up. seemed very excited and wet. He turned to kiss passionately at the opening of the legs become very wide to give megreater access and I could feel how much he always complains and gentle rhythmic movements with her pelvis was getting excited. This continued for some time with my three fingers got into it just at the entrance, while moving her clitoris with your other hand. To my surprise, was very fast and intense. she said it was very biased and unfair to me and she got on all fours and licked my cock, which is not too keen on. ass was to show their faces so as she licked and sucked, I began to open the back. I could feel that she enjoyed the rear exposed and open to all. complained, so as to hit him, and someone came to open even more. This made her even more passionate as she sucked and licked my cock stroking erect with one hand. seemed even wetter at the thought of someone watching her open and available, pink labiapart and vagina visible. I was on my own, that the proposal w as never had the idea of holding a third and even more surprised surprised by your positive response. As I continued fingering her, I suddenly realized with horror, a number that depends on us. Ruth could not see, but I was cool knowing what to do. as my eyes tried to focus on the bright sunlight, I realized that the person was a woman, and in uniform. I whispered Ruth, a woman of us. she kept licking amateurgalore and I'm sure he's even wetter, maybe they thought I was playing with the imagination. the police amateurgalore officer to arrive within minutes. said nothing, smiled as she stared down Ruths and open lips. "What would you do to me," said Ruth cheerfully while wearing a lick. "She 's only going to play," he said. before they have the opportunity to respond was, the officer knelt down and gently strok eversoMr. Ruth below. Four hands touched, and now Ruth did not answer. I saw the officer, Ruth sensation of the vagina and lips to remove moisture and spread their prey. I was fascinated by the sight of my wife Ruth and a comprehensive strength and stroked ! I decided I had to take the woman and pulled me away from Ruth, who now laid her head on one of the towels. and women came and went, I opened the lips of Ruth. The woman looked at me and understood. she began to slip one, two, amateurgalore three fingers in the pussy of Ruth. " Aspettando " said police "my chiama sandra " as he took off all her clothes and said her name. Ruth kissed the ground and your body agile and athletic, which slipped to Ruth, while sticking her fingers in one hand and holding her belly and breasts with the other. kissed all the way to the back and Ruth just made muffled sounds in the cotton industry. Ruth came to the mouth of his neck and could feel the joy of Ruth wb much experience as he leaned his ass in the air even more, while the fingers of your post. Sandra Ruth whispered in his ear that this is just a sampler and it was not for her partner here for a hard fucking, she would use something else. "John, you like my pussy lick pussy from behind would be in the background! Of course, if you were in his apartment, he sat me on a chair with his back to me, who made his thigh on me, so they were completely open, fetch me touch you and get your friend to kiss and touch her ??breasts while she looks giovanni only when he could not more excited, he would keep his cock hard and big in youoh well that is not here ! " until then Ruth had crept panting with excitement and Sandra again. he went on his clothes and took the baton case, which she then lay in the sand on either side against ru? pussy. Then he went to work with his tongue, licking and probing every inch of skin. Ruth and I kissed him and asked him if he was OK, muttered a few unintelligible words, as she stuck her tongue in my mouth. He then returned to its opening for Sandra. As Sandra pushed slowly open the object stuck in Ruth 's pussy, always touching her clitoris from below. He slid slowly but light as Ruth made ??a continuous cry. I looked up, excited, my cock, rubbing his eyes wounded wave my girlfriend 's pussy. Sandra pulled out all the juice was in the shaft and then pushed him back. Ruth was to push back, chasing the big hard shaft as she wanted to retire again and fill paper. I should like amateurgalore it as she filled her cry and looked as if in pain, yet seemed more open to efforts more.. I started to caress my cheeks girlfriends hands under her curls and widen his lips. The club, which at first seemed so big now move freely in and out of a wet pussy, amateurgalore stretching to the limit of Ruth with a short scream, began its climax, back and amateurgalore forth on the subject, while amateurgalore Sandra was developed completely before diving to the bottom right to the highest ruth !. I put my wet finger in the anus, what appeared to be a more intense orgasm for her. "Oh my god'we Ruth heard to mutter, as he fell to the ground. Convert Sandra Ruth now slid on his back and after some time to recover your way, your body in the first and gave him a deep kiss ( I was at the view of two pussies rubbing together almost entertaining! ), then turned and offered her pussy to Ruth in her pussy licking. at the same time, she waved me to get my girlfriend. Before this he leaned look at Sandra Ruth his exploration of the vagina, amateurgalore like a bar of pink meat was surrounded with dark hair. estrussandra h was greedy legs apart and thrust his tongue into her pussy, while Ruth was doing similar things to her. I knelt between her legs open and nudged me very patiently ruth played against a very wet and open pussy. Sandra grabbed my cock and kissed him before pushing licking and teasing in Ruth. I can not remember whether or not her orgasm sandra, so I was concentrating on my cock ramming me into the hole out. ruth pussy was as always friendly, but now so wet, "I looked at my cock Ruth input and then disappear, the images before I amateurgalore come very soon ! When we parted, Sandra told us it was not legal nude beach, and sex was a criminal act, but because it was our first time, it would leave us with a kiss!
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